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Wilson Dirt Works LLC and its employees take work safety seriously, because we understand the risks and hazards that can lead to serious injuries and fatalities while on worksites. This is why “near misses” are not good enough.

We want to ensure that everyone on the worksite remains safe at all times. To do this we make sure to put time and attention into these five key areas.

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Pre-Planning & Execution

It is critical that we understand the scope of every project, identify any risks or hazards that may arise before, during or after the project – keeping employees, fellow contractors and equipment safe at all times. This is why we never ignore the obvious signs if something isn’t right. We make sure utility lines are located and the proper safety equipment and procedures are being utilized throughout the project.


Just as critical is the need to make sure that the equipment is running properly to reduce any injuries or accidents. This is achieved through regular vehicle maintenance and upkeep, including making sure all moving parts are functioning properly, controls are inspected, checking tire pressure and fluids, making sure all mirrors and windows are cleaned for proper visibility, and all necessary machine safeguards are in place.

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Safety & Protection

While this section ranks third in the above list, it’s obvious that the first three items of the list focus on “People Safety Comes First.” We want to ensure that everyone is safe from injury or accident everyday while on the job. This is why we make sure that all operators are trained, competent and authorized to use the equipment that they operate.

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  • In addition, we pay special attention to the operator’s health, including stress levels, exhaustion, and weather-related hazards such as heat and cold weather extremes.

  • As required, we equip all employees with personal protective equipment, including hard hats, high-visibility vests, safety glasses, and safety shoes/boots available while working on any job.

  • We train our employees to maintain operator/equipment safety when engaging equipment before or during operation, including operator walkarounds to identify any issues, three points of contact when climbing onto the equipment, and the use of seat belts, horns, and signals during equipment operation.

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Best Practices

During active excavating or trenching, here are a few of the best practices we focus on:

  • We making sure people are at a safe distance from the equipment; all directions are visible for the operator (from the equipment’s cab); there is proper clearance between the equipment, people, and utility lines; the bucket positioning and equipment speeds are maintained for safety, and we promote removing all things that may cause driver distractibility.

  • We want to make sure all employees know their surroundings to ensure they’re aware of fall hazards and potential falling loads. For this reason, we focus on trench safety, sloping, shoring and shielding the employees to eliminate injury or accidents.

  • We ensure our final inspection of the worksite so that no future issues that arise following the project’s completion. This is where we confirm all utility lines are properly covered and secured, all debris is removed and that the project wrap-up is completed with the project owner.

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Response & Reporting

We approach all injuries and accidents with the upmost concern. We make sure that all employees health and safety is addressed immediately in these moments. We ensure the proper medical attention is given to our employees, and that all reporting measures are taken as required by the project owner and by law.



People Safety Comes First

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